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Intrigued by the beauty and perfection, Vallabhs’ designs are either inspired by the surroundings like nature; environment or they could be driven by the process. Weaving form and functionality together in his exquisite designs, he creates masterpieces perfect for an aesthete to adorn.

Design to Vallabh is – To the people, for the people and by the people.

Being trained as a craft designer and worked closely with skilled artisan(s) of different crafts helped Vallabh design pieces that speak to traditions with a contemporary twist as the material itself (stainless steel) that are relevant to today’s living. He also prefers to work with wood, stone and nonferrous metals apart from stainless steel.

His love to work with Arttd’inox comes from the fact that stainless steel itself is a very cold material wherein, the meticulous fusions of Indian crafts with industrially produced stainless steel products create warmth in the various product segments. Arttd’inox is the only brand that caters to the larger market; start from the tableware to kitchen, infra, and railway, etc. and gives the opportunity to the designer to explore the unexplored area of his/her.