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Manohar Lal

Educated from National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad & ENSAD (Paris), Manohar has 14+ years of work experience. He has explored possibilities in product and furniture design & also ventured into sculpturing.Manohar is very experimental with form, trying to understand its structure, its visual and conceptual import. He would generally accomplish his purpose by employing architectural like layouts in broader sense. Doing so came to him naturally perhaps because he belongs to a family which has been traditionally involved in planning and construction.

Exploring the objective and subjective possibilities of decorative motifs along with the textural variations helps him to impart and enhance the surface quality and also generate a specific movement in his work. It ultimately results in a better interaction between the product and the user in general, which he believes is considerably important. He also envisages particular experiments in engaging the actual as well as perceptive space through his work.

For Manohar, Kitchen is the fundamental and core area of a household and the design must represent the values and beliefs of the home and must lead to effective bonding in a family. This truly reflects in his design aesthetics as well