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Origin storyOrigami Collection

The Story

Origami is something most of us deeply relate to. As kids, how we spent hours making interesting things out of paper was fun. The story wouldn’t end till we flaunted our paper masterpiece to the world and got praised by one and all. Beautiful riveting memories.

We love to relive these, don’t we? That’s where this idea of creating a collection with the art of paper folding came from.

We wanted to create something so interesting that touches lives of people, takes them back to their sweet memories and stirs conversation. What better way could it be than creating something that is used everyday. For this we used creasing, geometric form structure, as well as the geometric pattern tessellations and created product with angular lines and metallic mirror finishes.

That’s how we translated these Origami designs to flat stainless-steel sheets to make simple, yet aesthetically transformed pieces of tableware from platters to tissue boxes.

This collection is sure to connect with the inner genius and bring alive your childhood interestingly to your family mealtimes.

When in a personal space, they evoke childhood memories for some and sheer creativity for others. The collection takes inspiration from this art translating it to flat stainless-steel sheets. The folding practices applied to these sheets have resulted in simple, yet aesthetically transformed pieces of tableware.

They bring to mind, and to heart, the happiness of stress free times adding joy to the day. This Origami inspired collection has been designed to evoke all this and more.


  • Stainless Steel
  • Wood