U-Shape Kitchen

Gallery KitchenAn epitome of style, sophistication and class, a U-shaped modular kitchen is similar to a parallel kitchen but with a difference of one end closed off and other open. Design of a U-shaped kitchen comprises three adjoining walls out of which two are parallel to each other and the third is perpendicular to both of them. This type of kitchen is a preferred choice due to its ample storage space for cooking, keeping appliances and arranging utensils and other kitchen materials. Here’s a detailed look at its features and related benefits.

Space Galore

Owing to its versatile layout, U-shaped kitchens are equally compatible with small, medium and large spaces. The continuous trail of countertop makes for plenty of space for all culinary and non-culinary activities. One can also spare out a small dining area at the end point of kitchen.

No more Kitchen Chaos

Larger kitchens come with a spacious floor plan which allows you to have multiple worksites in a single kitchen. This is especially useful at times when one has to cook a meal which requires a lot of cooking ingredients and utensils to be kept at one place, without congesting the countertop. In kitchens with smaller room-space, the compact design ensures seamless working experience as everything gets within an easy reach of the user.

Multiple Work-Sites

Abundance of space in U-shape modular kitchen makes enough space for 2-3 people to work together without hindering each other’s comfort and ensures smooth movement and manageability in the kitchen area. This feature is of great use especially when a variety of food has to be prepared as more people can work simultaneously at different work stations.

Kitchen Island

Extra space can also be leveraged to create a centrally located kitchen island which not only accentuates the appearance of the kitchen, but can also be used to install a hob and cook-top, or a sink. Alternatively, it can be utilized as a dining area or a homework station for children.

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