Corner /L-Shape Kitchen

Gallery KitchenWith the rise in their purchasing power, more and more people are opting for open -room and studio style living, hence the increase in popularity of L-shaped modular kitchens. This type of high-end kitchen provides a continuous platform to perform culinary and other related activities and has ample space to install various high-end fittings. The corner space can be easily utilized for storage of heavier kitchen items like a LPG cylinder or can be extended from either side of the platform to be used as a breakfast counter, for a simple quick meal.

Built using two adjacent walls, an L-shaped modular kitchen is a contemporary design that is well-suited for large kitchen spaces; though it can work equally well for smaller areas too depending upon the architectural planning. Its sophisticated look and versatility not only makes for a more seamless and pleasurable cooking experience, but also enhances the over-all appearance of your home. Let’s have a look at the advantages that come with being a proud owner of an L-shaped kitchen:


Advantages of L-Shape

  • Aptly suited for square shaped kitchen spaces
  • Adjustable length as per the space available
  • Provides multiple work-sites
  • Plenty of room available for easy mobility
  • Cabinets above each work-site increases convenience and accessibility to utilities
  • Spacious worktops
  • Extra space can be utilized to create kitchen island

L-shaped Kitchen by Arttd’inox

Being one of India’s best modular kitchen manufacturers, Arttdinox makes sure that you get only the best for your culinary needs. We present you with an enthralling collection of L-shaped kitchens made with best quality stainless steel and cutting-edge designs. Available in a variety of colors and textures, our products offer a perfect combination of performance and aesthetics.

Browse through our designs and if you need more information on our products, get in touch with us today!


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