Gallery Kitchen

Gallery KitchenThe gallery kitchen, also known as the parallel modular kitchen, is the oldest of all ergonomically designed kitchen spaces. It uses the standard layout with workstations installed on two opposite walls having a single lane and opening on either one or both sides.

The width of the kitchen ranges between 7 – 12 feet and the lengthwise it can be as long as one desires.

Being a functional design, it’s best suited for smaller home spaces. However, bigger areas can also opt for this design. With cabinets on both sides there is ample storage space available and all points of the kitchen are within easy reach.

Benefits of a Modular Gallery Kitchen

The Gallery style kitchen offers the following advantages:

  • Efficient utilization of small spaces.
  • Works well with enclosed kitchen spaces.
  • Offers an easy work triangle where everything in the kitchen can be accessed without much effort.
  • The kitchen space can be extended to any length.

Parallel Kitchens by Arttd’inox

If you thought a small kitchen has very few choices, think again. Our range of parallel kitchens are thoughtfully designed with ample storage options.

Your appliances can fit in neatly and countertops can be effortlessly maintained to be clutter-free with dedicated storage locations.

With everything in place and easily accessibility, you’re sure to fall in love with our kitchens!

Get in touch with us today or visit one of our gallery kitchen stores to see how you can have one installed in your home.


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