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The storytellers of the ‘art of home’ narrate stories through our art forms that are the perfect converging point of form & functionality. For over a decade, our designers have been passionately innovating with stainless steel, using it with other materials like glass, wood and ceramic to create a range of distinctive products.

Organically weaving form and function, they have morphed the metal into effortless chic. The collections respond to their creative vision which finds inspiration in global art and culture, seamlessly blending the classical with contemporary.

Deepikaa Jindal
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Suneet Varma
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Patrizia Guiotto
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Chan Wai Lim
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Subir Hati
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Sarthak and Sahil
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Nidhi Kalra
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Ish Arora
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Manohar Lal
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Ashish Sanwal
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