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Experience a magical spectrum of handcrafted stainless artistry.

Turn your kitchen into the Centrepiece of your lifestyle with our masterpiece innovations in premium stainless steel that blend beauty, efficiency, versatility, longevity and value-for-money in never-before new ways. No matter what your taste, ambience or budget, it’s now easy to pamper the modern connoisseur in you.


From residential to professional to commercial projects – no matter what the need, we have a kitchen to dazzle you.

modular kitchens


Our customizable kitchen ideas straddle the entire spectrum of budget, ambience and taste - fitting snugly into your lifestyle.


Crafted from eco-friendly materials and manufactured via sustainable methodologies, our kitchens are as good for the planet as they are for you.

modular kitchens
modular kitchens


Personalities and occasions come in many colours. So do our kitchens. Choose from a charismatic palette of 220+ hues that celebrate your every mood.


Designed to accentuate the finest contemporary trends yet embodying the timeless aesthetics of heritage, trust an Arttd’inox kitchen to both leave them speechless with its artistic looks, and get the conversation going with its artful functionality.

modular kitchens
modular kitchens


Arttd’inox kitchens embody the finest traits of stainless, a metal known for its superior health and hygiene features.


Every Arttd’inox kitchen is rigorously tested over several cycles to ensure your spaces remain 100% termite-free and fire-proof – making them perfectly safe for children, guests and family alike.

modular kitchens
modular kitchens


Arttd’inox kitchens come with high-end European Fittings and appliances that meet the highest global benchmarks of quality and performance.


Your Arttd’inox kitchen stands steadfastly by you through thick and thin, coming with a 10 year Life Time Warranty that ensures the magic never ends…

modular kitchens
modular kitchens


Best-in-class home appliance partners with top-notch technology make your Arttd’inox kitchen truly cutting edge.



Feel the velvety soft closing of smooth fittings that makes for seamless functionality and a memorable kitchen experience.


modular kitchens
modular kitchens


Mix, match and pick from a wide range of exquisite countertop options to create your very own version of the Arttd’inox kitchen experience.



Why should I buy Modular Kitchens from Arttd’inox?

"The reason why you should prefer Arttd'inox modular kitchens over other options is that Arttd'inox is one of the top competitors in the market. Buying a modular kitchen is a pricey business and Arttd'inox modular kitchens are value for time and money. Arrtd'inox provides an array of modular kitchen designs to choose from, too."
Receiving high quality service is now easier than ever. Arttd'inox is currently operating in Delhi, Goa, Gujarat, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Channai, Telangana and Shivamogga.
The Arttd'inx showrooms are open from 10 AM to 8 PM from Monday to Sunday.
"Yes, Arttd'inox has an exceptionally skilled team of professionals who are dedicated to providing aid to you at every step. You have the liberty to see the designs, color palettes, sample materials, and finishes before deciding upon the end decision."
"Although, the time period of designing a modular kitchen depends vastly on the dimensions of your house and the working area, usually, on average, designing a modular kitchen should take no longer than 15-20 days."
"In case you have queries or wish to get in contact with Arttd’inox, you can use the toll-free number: 1800 114 585 or write an e-mail to"
"Modular kitchens are the talk of the town and are here to replace the traditional Indian kitchens with the ease of work that they provide. Most modular kitchens come aided with recent technology such as dishwashers, microwaves, ovens, refrigerators, etc. As far as stainless steel goes, there truly is no better way to go other than a stainless steel modular kitchen. Stainless steel is durable, and robust, providing a long life span."
Installing a stainless steel modular kitchen will be pricey, no doubt. However, maintaining a stainless steel modular kitchen requires little to no effort. Stainless steel offers a lifespan of more than 30 years. Since it is rust, fire, corrosion, and bacteria-free, there is no room for unwanted unhygienic components and added maintenance costs.
The duration of the installment of a modular kitchen depends on the raw material you choose for the building. A stainless steel modular kitchen can be assembled in the duration of a week since its parts are factory-made with precision and solely need to be assembled together.
"When compared to the Arttd’inox stainless steel modular kitchen, a simple wooden modular kitchen will eventually burn a hole in your pocket and be a hassle. A wooden kitchen would need a carpenter who will not guarantee precision and no hidden costs. Wood can be easily attacked by termite, is not fire-resistant, and once done, it can not be dismantled or installed in a new place. "
"Arttd’inox is a luxury brand that focuses on providing stainless steel homeware solutions, naturally, the material used for carcass and shutters is stainless steel as well. For more information on the designs, visit the website."
There are mainly five stainless steel modular kitchen designs that arttd’inox focuses on. These are l-shaped, parallel, u-shaped, island, and straight designs. The design is chosen on the basis of the space of your home. Adding to that, there is a variety of colors offered for your modular kitchen by arttd’inox.
"The luxury brand Arttd’inox has had a successful run of 15 years and counting in the market. Founded by Mrs. Deepika Jindal, it specializes in stainless steel homeware and home space collections. "
There is a thin line between renovating a modular kitchen and buying a new modular kitchen. For starters, the scope of customization is more in buying a new modular kitchen. It is flexible, cost-effective, more durable, and with the help of intelligent interior designing, it will change the appearance of your house in a positive light.
Stainless steel kitchens are fire, rust, corrosion, and bacteria resistant. The clear advantage of stainless steel over other raw materials is that it is robust and durable. Stainless steel kitchen offers a long lifespan and requires little to no maintenance.
A standard stainless steel modular kitchen takes around 20-30 days for the whole process of designing and installing to come through.