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Kid's Range

Handcrafted moments of joy!

It’s time for you to allow your children to immerse themselves into a world of imagination and hands-on curiosity, while developing an understanding of the importance of good nutrition and positive eating habits, that will last a lifetime. At Arttd’inox, we have always been inspired to create designs that are synonymous with decorative utility pieces, especially when it comes to our collection of Kid’s Range offerings. From Baby Mugs to our Carnival Kid’s Thali Set, our designs have a touch of colour on the inside & whimsical engraved motifs on the outside over a polished stainless steel body.

Inspired to last for years, and dedicated to quality, we make sure that our Kid’s Range is safe for your little one’s health and well-being, while constantly evoking a sense of joy within them. With superior brush stroke textures and a chic finish, our Kid’s Range is easy to clean & maintain, rust free, dishwasher safe, made from food grade materials and is 100% recyclable.

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