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Inspiring harmonious living with rich cultural artistry!

Bring home the gift of good vibes, with Arttdinox’s Divinity Collection. Every element of this collection endures fine craftsmanship amalgamated with great intricacy in detailing. Herein, each piece is a testament of hundreds and thousands of Indian artisans, to whom the fusion of utility and aesthetics comes naturally. With the artistry of stainless steel at the heart of our magnificent creations, the Divinity Collection covers all the prerequisites of your religious rituals in one.

At Arttd’inox, we bring in the old with the new, and bring out the traditional ethos with a touch of contemporary penchant, with our range of Pooja Thali’s, T-lights, Dibbi’s & finely etched Boxes for religious proceedings. Our Divinity Collection is an ode to the righteous ancient traditions and values that have been passed on for generations, and have been revered since time immemorial.

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