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Brand Story

The Brand Tale

Arttd’inox, India’s first exclusive home lifestyle brand in stainless steel was found 15 years ago by Ms. Deepikaa Jindal , now positioned exclusively in the premium segment. The focal DNA of the brand is in its French inspired name signifying ‘Art in Stainless Steel’ that strives to make luxury wonders in stainless steel promoting stainless artistry in the Indian lifestyle panorama.

Since the inception, Arttd’inox is committed towards getting Indian Artisan on the global map, which portrays our true strength of ‘kaarigari’ and further enhances our ability of designing.

With the essential global exposure and sharp manufacturing capacities, the brand has been on a stride persistently converging efforts with the larger ‘Make in India’ faction.

Arttd’inox is born out of the belief that art is more than just a creative expression. It connects with us at a deeper level, can transform realities, and has the power to unlock the true magic of living.

The Design Philosophy

In tune with this conviction, the brand translates the timeless heritage and diversity of India through the prism of global lifestyle trends in stainless steel. This breathes life into a unique metaphor of self-expression, one that blends style quotient, luxurious craftsmanship & environmental empathy together to build an aspirational stainless steel culture converting experiences into beautiful piece of art embellishing homes of today. We, at Arttd’inox, go all out to create differentiated yet functional designs for our patrons across segments, focused to bring the global lifestyle trends to India, and taking Indian capabilities of sharp manufacturing to the world.

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