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A modular kitchen is a faultless selection and companion for today's standard of living. With every day’s hustle and bustle, people rarely have any time left on their hands for carrying out the activities in the kitchen. Due to this reason, modular kitchens have gained recognition at full tilt. The contemporary way of life demands a seamless workflow which is precisely what a modular kitchen provides. The market is flooded with variants of which stainless steel has emerged as the preferred choice of the consumer as well as the professionals. Our team at Arttd’inox is outstandingly proficient and will direct you throughout the whole process from selecting raw material to the final installments. That being settled, out of the obtainable modular kitchen designs, here are some reasons why a straight modular kitchen might be the key to your lock.

Straight Modular Kitchen: A straight modular kitchen design brings quite a few advantages to the table. Commonly recognized as the one wall kitchen, it comprises cabinets, countertops, and major appliances fixated to a single wall. The straight modular kitchen is the ultimate solution for smaller living spaces such as studio apartments or lofts. You have the prospect of installing cabinets above the countertop as well as below it making more than enough storage space for groceries, appliances, utensils, etc. since a straight modular kitchen doesn’t take up plenty of space or time, in return, it saves manufacturing costs.

Stainless Steel: A stainless steel modular kitchen is superior to traditional kitchens for numerous reasons. Stainless steel has a non-porous surface that has the aptitude of blocking bacteria and odor. Furthermore, a stainless steel modular kitchen is fireproof, rust, corrosion-free. The parts of a stainless steel modular kitchen are designed and manufactured with utmost precision and they can be effortlessly installed and dismantled. It puts forward an unbeatable sleek, chic industrial look to the kitchen. However, if you wish to have a warmer aura, that a wooden modular kitchen provides or want to add a pop of color, do not fret since stainless steel has an array of finishings to choose from for the exterior.

Selecting stainless steel as the raw material for your straight modular kitchen will not only satisfy your eyes but also your mind. With providing a lifespan of thirty years on an average without any major maintenance, stainless steel has become the unrivaled solution.

Variety in Cabinets: There are plenty of options for customization in the stainless steel installments which are modern and up-to-the-minute. Some of them are as follows:

  • Pull-out cabinets are easier to declutter and categorize.

  • Base cabinets can be maneuvered into the choice of height, length, and depth and are compatible with the standard Indian kitchen.

  • Corner cabinets are just the thing for filling up gaps and free corners.

  • Wall cabinets are hooked with sturdiness and are marvelous for extra room. They can be tall with added shelves.

  • Lift-up cabinets function smoothly in slow-motion and save hefty space.