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If you build a stainless steel modular kitchen from the ground up, it will burn a hole in your pocket, but this was before modular kitchens became popular. The stainless steel modular kitchen is made up of pre-assembled standard parts or modules that have a set price. This allows you to estimate the cost of your stainless steel modular kitchen before making a purchase.

How much do modular kitchens cost?

The majority of websites charge a high amount without actually exposing the modules' details. Contrary to popular assumption, if we understand one's specific priorities, the stainless steel modular kitchen design and price might be affordable.

While the price of a basic modular kitchen design starts at Rs.1 lakh, it gradually rises due to the following factors:

Kitchen Dimensions:

The price of a stainless steel modular kitchen is directly affected by the layout and size of the modular kitchen design, whether U Shaped, L Shaped, parallel, straight, or island. Modules can be accommodated in a large kitchen.

It is determined by how the modular kitchen is utilised. A full-time baker, for example, would make the best use of the modules in an average-sized stainless steel modular kitchen. In a similar vein, a less regular visitor to the kitchen who does not spend much time cooking can choose a bare module in the expansive modular kitchen.

Cabinet finishes and materials:

Polymer, acrylic, laminate, and stainless steel are just a few of the cabinet finishes available in Indian marketplaces. Laminate and acrylic are the most popular options among purchasers.

Acrylic is thought to be the costliest since it is scratch resistant and has a shiny appearance. After that, a poly UV finish is applied. Laminates are ideal for those on a tight budget. The cost of a hi-gloss stainless steel modular kitchen cabinet laminate touch or finish is more than that of a matt finish. Matte coatings, on the other hand, necessitate continuous maintenance due to their sober or muted appearance. Both the interior and external finishes have an impact on the pricing of your modular kitchen. Similarly, while choosing cabinet materials, take humidity and heat in mind.


You must select accessories that match the stainless steel modular kitchen design based on their utility. It's a waste if you don't use them on a regular basis. If you appreciate crockery, for example, plate holders are a good method to keep them from breaking. A double bin holder is ideal if you have a large family. To keep your modular kitchen costs down, you must pick exactly what you need from our large selection of accessories.


To minimise any unnecessary splurging, you should purchase appliances that are used regularly, just like the accessories. Inbuilt appliances, such as dishwashers and ovens, are often more expensive than their conventional counterparts since they provide greater comfort and come in seamless designs.

So that the price of your modular kitchen is a perfect fit with your budget, you must strategically invest in a selection of appliances.