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For anyone who’s planning on renovating their house, the chances of coming across the term “modular kitchens” are pretty high. With their ability to maximise space usage, integrated appliances, and a modern finish with futuristic design; modular kitchens have completely changed the perception of cooking in the contemporary world. 

Multiple creative variants of designer modular kitchens already exist in the market, based on factors like the floor plan and customer requirements with each design providing a unique advantage. While these modular kitchen designs and prices vary based on many different aspects, our team of expert designers at Arttd’inox have come together to create a list of the top 5 modular kitchen designs that are trending in India and might be the perfect match for the heart of your household:

  • L-shaped Modular Kitchen: One of the most popular kitchen designs, the universal compatibility of this design is what makes it special. The layout consists of two counters perpendicular to each other (resembling an L shape). This design has multiple benefits to offer like- perfect working triangle for efficient coordination between the sink, hob, and refrigerator and extra room for personal modifications. The cabinets can be installed both above and below the platform, providing ample storage space. The extra room is also significant as it keeps the traffic moving smoothly in the households with multiple cooks and large families. Key ventilation, minimalistic setup, easy modifications, and budget-friendly layout are some of the other benefits that make it the most sought after design.

    L shaped Modular Kitchen

  • U-Shaped Modular Kitchen: This is the design for those who like to keep things big. With the platform running across three walls to form a U-shape, this modular kitchen design befits the settings with large kitchen floor plans. The sprawling layout allows you to maximize space usage without any inconvenience and provide an effective working triangle with the benefit of multitasking. All three platforms can be employed together, to perform the key tasks of preparation, cooking, and washing simultaneously. The extra room offers the additional benefit of an area for the family to get together and share light moments now and then.

    u shaped modular kitchen design

  • Straight Modular Kitchen: The perfect design for modest households, straight modular kitchens are an ideal choice for studio apartments with open floor plans. As the name suggests, it consists of a linear design with a single platform running across the wall. The cabinets and shelves can be placed both below the platform and overhead, so you don’t really need to worry about the amount of storage space as it’s easily customizable. It, however, does not employ the work triangle strategy. 

    straight modular kitchen

  • Parallel Modular Kitchen: Inspired from the classic galley design, parallel modular kitchens consist of two platforms facing each other. One of the most practical layouts, the two independent platforms allow multitasking. Irrespective of the space, the creativity of this design allows you to perform all the functions smoothly without any congestion. Right from the height of the platforms to the size of the overhead cabinets, everything is decided on the basis of your requirements; this gives you the creative freedom to build a kitchen that reflects your personality. 

    parallel modular kitchen
  • Island Modular Kitchen: The kitchen islands are becoming increasingly popular due to their multi-purpose ability. Meant for homes with large kitchen floor plans, the island modular kitchens consist of a stand-alone platform or 'island' in the middle of the kitchen space. Whether you need more storage space, install an appliance, or a spot for the whole family to share the supper, island modular kitchens can truly enhance your cooking experience. 

    Island Modular Kitchen

While the type of kitchen design you choose is an essential element, the material used to build that design plays an equally important role. Stainless steel modular kitchens specifically have become popular due to the multiple advantages it provides over the old-school wooden format. Sustainability, exceptionally strong, easy to clean, hygiene, and a material that’s easy to reshape gives the designer the creative freedom to innovate design that suits the requirements and personality of the client.