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Madhushala-The-Bar is a tribute to the oasis of alcoholic solace that commands an enduring place in India’s rich cultural legacy. Made immortal by Harivansh Rai Bachchan’s stirring poetry, the term Madhushala has always embodied the ethos of genteel refinement and elitist regalia considered de-rigueur, when it comes to a ‘special drink with friends’. The iconic allure returns to enthrall a new generation, as Arttd’inox transforms the heritage narrative with a touch of contemporary panache with Madhushala-The-Bar.

As a design-first brand, Arttd’inox has always been a storyteller of joyous home and décor ideas, luxuriously articulated through graceful shapes and user-friendly avatars. Through spectacular masterstrokes of craftsmanship, designers of Arttd’inox authentically re-capture the soul of the original Madhushala, in corrugated high gloss gold finished stainless steel with gold glided intricate wood carvings. 

Chic facets like handle-less fascia, sliding panels, soft-closing hinges and sensor lights elevate the elegance, while features like storage, sink and appliance plug-ins add multi-purpose functionality - making for a rousing amalgamation of stainless steel. It creates a great design that is aesthetically contemporary and thoughtfully ergonomic. 

A head-turning asset to the finer parts of your abode, Madhushala-The-Bar uncorks an age-old obsession and revives a timeless spirit in a magical metaphor that is ahead of its time. Go ahead, welcome the sweet intersection of connoisseur indulgence and warm conversations to your special moments. 
Let the celebrations begin!