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For quite some time now, modular kitchens have been ubiquitous. They make life easier for Indian families & even for commercials setups, by making it easy to remove persistent oil and food stains. Stainless steel is an excellent option when it comes to selecting a material for your modular kitchen. With the evolving interior design trends, a stainless-steel modular kitchen fitting has become the perfect choice of designs and equipment that can work wonders as per the Indian lifestyle. Determining which modular kitchen fitting or design is ideal for your home is one of the most significant chores while renovating or moving into a new location. With far too many styles to choose from, it's important to choose one that won't make your modular kitchen feel claustrophobic or cluttered. By looking through the Arttd'inox designs, you can avoid this. Arrtd'inox is a luxury stainless-steel home, kitchen, and lifestyle brand. Let's have a look at some Arttd'inox fittings and designs for modular kitchen fittings.

There are a variety of pre-made designs to choose from, or you can customise your own.

1. Organizing and decluttering is a breeze with pull-out cabinets.

2. Base cabinets can be customised to any height, length, or depth, and they work with most Indian kitchens.

3. Corner cabinets are excellent for filling up gaps and corners.

4. Wall cabinets are long-lasting and provide plenty of storage space. They can go rather tall with the addition of shelves.

5. Lift-up cabinets operate slowly and save a lot of space.

Inserts or separators that may be placed within drawers or other fittings are sometimes referred to as accessories. The cutlery tray is a nice example of something like this. It is available in a variety of sizes and materials. They are mostly used to store and organise various cutlery, knives, and cooking utensils. Other types of inserts are used to separate deep drawers into compartments in order to better organise them. The plate organiser is another example. It divides the drawer in such a way that the plates can be piled in an orderly fashion and their movement is limited so that they don't smash against each other when the drawers are opened and closed. The downside of these fixtures is that over 30% of the available area is wasted. There are numerous such attachments available, and they are constantly evolving.

Stainless steel cabinets include metallic finishes, contrasting colours, and inner paneling, all of which add to the wholesomeness of your modular kitchen fitting. Perplexing designs and exquisite metal finishes can be applied to any section of the newly designed parallel, u-shaped, straight, l-shaped, or island modular kitchen fitting.