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Giving Diwali gifts to one another has been a long-standing Indian tradition. Diwali is celebrated as a holiday of prosperity, love, and gratitude. As a result, the exchanging of gifts on Diwali symbolises people's camaraderie and fellowship.

Diwali presents aren't just any old gift; they're a display of two people's connection and togetherness. It demonstrates our Indian culture's respect and ideals.

Luxury Diwali gifts are exchanged to bring love and joy to all. It is an age-old custom to exchange presents during the Diwali celebration. It makes no difference whether the gift is large or tiny; any gift received or given on Diwali is a joy. This is a way of paying honour to all of India's ancient customs.

To make this Diwali memorable for you and your loved ones, here are a few options of luxury Diwali gifting ideas from the House of Arttd’inox.

Etching Pooja Thali: With its detailed artwork, this lovely Pooja Thali complements the ardent in you. This pooja thali has a utilitarian design, and the size of the thali is large enough to comfortably store all of its accessories.


Padma Box and Tray: The Box Set, which is part of the Padma Collection, is a terrific multi-purpose box for both ordinary and exceptional events. This gorgeous piece is fantastic to keep or give as a gift because it is well constructed.

The Padma (Lotus) is the source of inspiration. The boxes' optimum sizes are very user-friendly, and they may be used to offer sweets, chocolates, candies, and nuts. The box set's modern style, along with a hardwood tray, allows you to separate individual goods. They can be used as a container for keys, business cards, jewellery, and other small items, and they make a terrific luxury Diwali gifting idea.


Cedar – Condiment Server: The Enchanted Forest is a collection inspired by nature's beauty. This set of three bowls is made of stainless steel and offers a stark nature-inspired pattern making it a beautiful luxury gifting idea. It's a beautiful piece of serving ware.

This condiment set is handcrafted to perfection with casting and is ideal for your multi-purpose serving delight. It adds the right elements of class to its alluring look with a sleek finish and curving shape. It's ideal for nuts, sweets, tiny snacks, and savoury foods. It's a fantastic option for luxury Diwali gifting.


Equilateral Candy Box: The Equilateral Candy Box is sure to pique everyone's interest! This candy box is both utilitarian and beautiful, and it's ideal for storing candy or mouth fresheners. It's bright and colourful, with geometric prints, and it's ideal for keeping candy and other little items. For long-term use, stainless steel is used. There is nothing better than a colourful luxury gifting idea.


Tiara Centerpiece: This luxury gifting idea is a beautiful serving piece that will enchant your friends and family. It's one of the Tiara Collection's most prized pieces.

Beautifully highlighting the unique artwork done on it, this centrepiece comes with a hint of glistening flowers. This product has a unique look thanks to the textured finish.