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The presence of a father, his kind spirit, his generosity, and his loving soul is extremely gratifying. He is the one who has been by our side each morning holding our school bag and has taught us how to be strong & independent individuals. Father's Day is the best opportunity to express your gratitude to your father. Though, we often overlook the achievements and efforts made by our fathers as we grow older and get busy with our own lives. This Father's Day shows your appreciation to your loving dad by expressing your affection, admiration, and gratitude for everything that he has done. Unfortunately, finding gifts for your dad isn't always easy. While you may go the traditional way and purchase your father a box of his favourite delicacies or that watch he's been eyeing upon, buying something unique will leave an everlasting impact and will be more enjoyable for everyone. If you wish to surprise your dad with gifts that are not only luxurious but also functional, this article will guide you through some of the most loved luxury gifting ideas from the House of Arttd’inox.

  • Barac: A great cocktail is made with great accessories! Indulge in the art of bartending with our comprehensive bar accessories set, in chic stainless steel finish. The Barac, available in white and noir, adds depth and character to your mixology stories with everything from corkscrews and knives to jiggers and openers, and everything in between. It comes in a stylish etched stainless steel box that's ideal for luxury gifting. The components are 1 set of wine bottle corkscrew (1 pcs.), ice tong (1 pc), ice clip (1 pcs.), double jigger (1 pcs.), knife (1 pc), cocktail strainer (1 pc), bottle opener (1 pc).


  • Paa Mug: Mugs from our Carnival Collection are sure to appeal to your father's gentle soul, with colours to fit their creativity. Stainless steel is a safe, easy-to-clean material that is ideal for regular usage. The colourful and lovely patterns are ideal for new fathers of little ones. The etched figure on the mug is the cherry on the top. The ‘Paa Mug’ is undeniably a great luxury gift for your father.

    Paa Mug

  • Beer Nation Mug: Taking the concept of luxury gifts to a new standard, it is the perfect way to finish the day is with a frothy, perfectly cold mug of beer. Our Beer Nation Mug is a friendly and stylish mug for beer lovers. The sleek Beer Nation Mug is ideal for sipping a cold beer on a hot summer afternoon with your dad. With a robust handle and frame, it's built of high-grade stainless steel, which adds toughness and sheen. The double-wall stainless steel construction keeps your drinks colder for longer than conventional glasses or mugs, and the engraving on the outer ring and a neat size of single-wall makes it perfect.

    Beer Nation Mug

  • Beer Hug Mugs: The elegant Beer Hug Mugs from the Minimals Collection will amp up the tempo of your father’s evening. The aesthetically appealing and utilitarian style, inspired by the minimalist look, gives it an elegant appearance.

  • Shell Textured Ice Bucket: The Shell Textured Ice Bucket is engraved to reflect the glory of the past. Purchase the ice bucket to gift it to your father from our range of barware solutions. With the great aesthetic appeal, it makes for an essentialist piece as well.

    Shell Textured Ice Bucket

  • Gun Shot One Wine Cooler: The Gunshot one wine cooler stands out for its versatility and is an imma! The wine cooler is polished with a high gloss mirror polish, which reflects its impeccable dexterity. Its solid, cylindrical construction ensures its timeless durability. It's the ideal companion for an evening of wine tasting and creating memories.

    Gun Shot One Wine Coole