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With the festive season around the corner, the hustle is back in the markets. From buying new clothes to renovating homes, everyone has their own way to celebrate the biggest festival of the year. While these celebrations differ, one thing remains the same - exchanging gifts. Making your family, friends, and close ones feel special with a token of appreciation is a significant part of this age-old tradition. We at Arttd’inox understand the value of Diwali gifting and have come up with a list of luxury gifting ideas from our exclusive collections that are personal, elegant and will leave a lasting impact on your loved ones.

Padma Collection 

Our latest designer collection, the Padma Shvet revolves around the pious symbol of the lotus that resonates divinity and spirituality. From alluring thalis to minimalistic tray sets, the inspiring design of this collection is truly heavenly. Some of the many wonders from this collection are:

  • Padma Shvet Pooja Thaali
    A Kalash with a rose-gold finish, handbell, Agarbatti stand, Diya stand, and 2 small katoris along with a minimalistic thali to fit them in the padma shvet pooja thali is full of intricate detailing. The graceful design of this set and our signatory craftsmanship makes it a perfect choice for Diwali gifting.

    Padma Shvet Pooja Thali

  • Padma Shvet Canister
    The aesthetic design and versatile nature of the padma shvet canister make it a must-have for every household. Be it for storing snacks, or dry fruits, the durable design of this stainless steel canister keeps it fresh, healthy, and protected. 

    Padma Shvet Canister

Blueberry Collection

If you are one of the many who are tired of the monotonous passing around of sweets all festive season, worry no more; we got your Diwali gifting plans sorted. The homeware artifacts from our inspiring Blueberry collection will take your loved ones closer to nature with every glance. 

  • Blueberry Tea Set
    The blueberry tea set with its minimalistic design is all you need to give a fresh start to the busy days. Comprising of a matching kettle, milk pot, and a sugar pot, this tea set drives the elegance of your high tea up a notch. 

    Blueberry Tea Set

  • Blueberry Cookie Platter
    Tailor-made for those who love to munch, our designer blueberry cookie platter is perfect to put out delicious snacks. The shiny stainless steel surface of this dainty platter is easy to clean, hygienic, and make up for a splendid centerpiece on any table. 

    Luxury Blueberry Cookie Platter

Aladdin Collection

As the name suggests, the enchanting Aladdin collection is nothing less than a treat to the eye. Consisting of a wide range of stunning homeware products, the exclusive merchandise from this collection make impeccable Diwali gifting ideas. Let’s have a look at some of the gems from this  range:

  • Aladdin Tea Cups
    Inspired by the old fables, the aladdin tea cups add a subtle touch of elegance to your tea drinking experience. The set consists of two cups and two coasters with visually striking features that will bring a smile on the faces of your loved ones for sure!

    Aladdin Tea Cups

  • Aladdin Tray
    Etched with beautiful Persian motifs, the aladdin tray complements the visual aesthetics of the delicacies being served in it. The large serving tray resonates with the creative idealogy Arttd’inox is based on and is a testimonial of fine craftsmanship.

    Aladdin Tray