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As we embody our motto, “Stay Ahead of the Curve”, today we are in conversation with Ar. Ujjval Fadia, Founder of Ujjval Fadia Architects and Interior Designers. This is an Ahmedabad based firm that has redefined architecture and contributed to designs all across India. 

Time and Tide Waits for None
No matter what the situation, the grind must continue. With the excess amount of time now, everyone is trying to be as productive as possible. While productivity has many definitions, Ar. Ujjval Fadia is working on new sketches and working with clients to implement their vision. Some people try to diversify with the amount of time they have by learning new skills like cooking, instruments, and many other things. 

Technology, The Olive Branch of the Pandemic
While productivity has taken a hit, Zoom and Google Meet have played a very important role in productivity. With clients all across India, the team apps and productivity services have been major contributors to industries across the Subcontinent. They have truly played a vital role amidst this pandemic. 

Passion-Driven Design
With this being one of the first lockdowns in the many to come, interior design is evolving. The sheer thought of having to sustain in the four walls of your house for months can be scary as you might miss the little things the outside world has in store to offer. Your gym. Your cafes. Your libraries. A common trend now is to make a little nook of the house dedicated to your passion. This way staying at home is not as bad as it seems since you have your leisure ready to go.

Essentials > Luxury (Temporarily)
Everyone remembers the violent videos of people running through grocery stores and hoarding basic supplies. Essentials might be all the rave for now, but once the vaccine is created luxury items will be back on track. Especially once the offices are back on track and cash is not a problem, bare minimum will go back to being the bare minimum and not a luxury.

Coming Soon: Modular Kitchens
Kitchens have become the most important parts of the house because it is no more just a necessity. It is a luxury. Due to the pandemic, many people have taken up cooking as a hobby and have made sure their kitchen is as decked up as possible for this. Modular kitchens are slowly making a comeback and will be all the rave by the end of this year. Kitchens are now more than just a place where there are cupboards and shelves. They are becoming spaces where families start and end their day and hence need to be as aesthetic and practical as possible. 

Sustainability: A Loose Concept
Hearing sustainability these days is not impactful enough. With people staying in buildings that are using sustainable concepts and then having air conditioning the entire day goes against the entire concept of sustainability. This is why true sustainability cannot be achieved in today's world. Although, it is good to see attempts around it.

This was a very eye-opening and delightful conversation with Ar. Ujjval Fadia. To know more about this conversation, tune into our Arttd'inox Vox on Youtube.

To learn more about Ar. Ujjval’s work and Company, click here

Stay Home, Stay Safe.